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New ‘editors’ ?

New ‘editors’ ?

We’re looking for new Editors for this site. If you wish to join please email your submissions to  “elgfx1@gmail.com”. Please include heads that you have edited.

Requirements? You must know how to make working GIF heads, and be able to make cute edits.

If you aren’t ‘amazing’, i can teach you how to use gimp and stuff, help you out u kno. If you don’t know how to use WordPress, i can easily teach you how to work it.

If you are interested , pls apply!!

Ok now for some heads…

Credit me if you use my skins and blinks. Thankss



Brown eyes blink from: https://sweetnsourgfx.wordpress.com/

Blonde hair from: https://ktgfx.wordpress.com/


Extension Sets

Extension Sets

Sorry for not posting!! Made something extra bc you guys have been waiting forever for an update!!! My favourites the brown set.

Credit to Fzi and Kim, i just edited their extension set to make it look less ‘anime’. They created the body, i just changed the colour of the hair and indexed the body.

  • All bodies are colour ‘changeable’.
  • Set transparency when uploading bodies.

Stay tuned x – Ellie

Credit: https://fzifamilygfx.wordpress.com/