Xmas edits!

Xmas edits!

Hi pals I’m Nicole and i wanna thank Terra for inviting me to join the site, I’ve been a fan for the longest time!! ❤ You can find my in-game profile @Nicole (Del Rey) and I’ll be taking requests for this xmas (more info on the pinned post). I hope u like these xmas edits


Credit: Bloommadijengfx & sweetnsourgfx

editing requests for christmas! 

editing requests for christmas! 

hii! i’ve recently invited a Singaporean editor! her name is nicole! i’ve seen her combination works and its wonderful! i hope you guys will support her as well as bloom for a welcoming gift!

okay so back to where i wanted to say, i’ve talked to bloom, wil & nicole abt havin a small request for this christmas!

so here is what we want. 

  • nicole; for 1 Christmas Gift (w/o GIF), 2 Christmas Gifts (for GIFed heads) you will only receive your uploaded head until you gift her.  (NOT G4G) 
  • bloom; she will edit for 1 or 2 gifts depending on how much you love her of course. you will only receive your uploaded head until you gift her.  (NOT G4G)
  • wil; he will edit 1 gift (with NO GIF) 2 gifts (WITH GIF). you will only receive your head until you gift him! (NOT G4G) 

other note is; i won’t be editing any heads for anyone. unless you are close to me then probably yes ill help, or else no cause i’m busy. my apologises! you can PM either BLOOM, WIL OR NICOLE if you want any edits! 

Wil is in the guild (Banter) 

Nicole is the idr of (Del Rey)

Bloom is the idr of (Yandere)

i look forward seeing your heads edited by Bloom, Wil & Nicole! Merry Christmas in advance and have a nice day! 🙂



Hello im Bloom i’d like to thank Terra she invited me to join the site<3 before elgfx i used to stalk terra&ellie on etgraal loll I moved here from blmgfx bc its really hard to keep it active alone. I’ll try to post as often as i can (:

these r edits from my old heads hope theyre okayy




Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting in a while, I have been really busy and I still am. Here’s what I have been working on, I hope you like it and I hope it has no transparency issues. If there are please comment or pm me (Wil Targaryen) ASAP so I can get it fixed if there are any issues.


Credit: Zizigfx