Last time i did an event there was a good response from my audience. It was really tiring since i made like 10 personals. This time i will have set prizes. There are two sets of twin heads. Enter with a friend! After a couple weeks, i will put you and your partners name into a hat and two winners will be drawn out.. Goodluck


  • Fill out the form, this will be linked to my email.
  • Enter with your name and your friends name.
  • You must have the site’s name in your status to make your entry valid. Whether it be “elgfx” or “elgfx.wordpress.com”. 

Prize 1

These heads are really cute, so cute that someone tried to iFile it (steal it) and post it on their own site loll. They have a shimmer blink that matches their eye colour. The body is indexed, (colour changeable).


Prize 2

This is a modified version of prize 1, incase you don’t like the one sided braids. These heads have a plain blink, more blush and shorter braids. The bodies have a heart on the dress and they’re also indexed





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